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Our apartments are 2 bedroom and 2 bath, equipped with full size washer and dryers as well as a large, gourmet kitchen.  Enjoy the outdoor air with the deck, big enough to sit and enjoy or cook dinner on the barbecue.  There is also a modest closet on the deck perfect to store the items you only need occasionally.  Our large, open floor plan is perfect for interacting with guests or simply keeping an eye on the children.  With a dining area and eat bar, there is flexibility to customize the layout to fit for your individual family.

For our pet lovers, we have a off leash area where you can take your furry family members to enjoy the outdoor space without the fear of them getting lost.


Deposits and Fees


Current Rates


Local Transportation



kenmore library.jpg

Kenmore Public Library



Part of the King County Library System, Kenmore Library features meeting and study/conference rooms, WiFi, and public computers and printers


Rhododendron Park



Featuring one of the largest public collections of hybrid rhododendrons in the Northwest - this park also boasts play areas, basketball court, picnic shelter, pedestrian paths, large green space, floating dock, restroom - all on 13-acres.


Third Place Books


Third Place Books is the deliberate and intentional creation of a community around books and the ideas inside them. Third Place Books is a general interest bookstore with over 200,000 new, used, and bargain books in Lake Forest Park.  It is a fun, comfortable, and safe place to browse, linger, lounge, relax, read, eat, laugh, play, talk, listen, and just watch the world go by.

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